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Welcome to the Florida Solar Energy Center's (FSEC) Galleries. The videos and photo galleries listed below will give you a look at some of the research and events being conducted at FSEC.

Photo Galleries

The photo galleries consist of pictures taken at special events and assembled in an online photo gallery. Just select the event you would like to view from the list below.

Sunsational EarthFest - An family event where a wide variety of activities was offered, ranging from games for children to practical strategies for homeowners, to high-tech information for science buffs and engineers.
Collage of photos of various activities from the Sunsational EarthFest

EnergyWhiz Olympics - An annual event that is composed of the Junior Solar Sprint, Hydrogen Sprint and Energy Innovations. New in 2009, the Solar Energy Cookoff is also included.

Photo galleries of previous events are listed below:

Photos of participants in the EnergyWhiz Olympics.

Youth Energy Solutions (YES) Summit - The YES Summit is the culminating event of a yearlong energy program for K - 12 schools. The purpose of the program is to educate teachers and students about renewable energy and current energy issues, as well as provide a forum for students to share their energy research.

Photos of participants at the YES Summit in variuos activities

Exemplary Projects in Energy and Conservation (EPEC) Awards - This program recognizes Brevard County Students for conducting outstanding research in energy and/or energy conservation.

Photo of the EPEC Award winners.

Middle School Science Bowl - The Florida event is comprised of two parts, the academic competition and the model hydrogen fuel cell car demonstration. The academic portion is a fast-paced question and answer contest during which students answer questions about earth science, physical science, life science, math and general science.

Photo of the Middle School Science Bowl participants

High School Science Bowl - The High School Science Bowl is a fast-paced question and answer contest during which students answer questions about earth science, physical science, life science, math and general science.

Photo of the High School Science Bowl participants druing the elimination rounds.


The following videos are available online via vimeo. No plug in is required.

Creating a Bright Future for Florida - Watch how the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research Institute of the University of Central Florida is creating a bright future for Florida.

Introduction to Electricity - Kris Davis, Research Engineer at the Florida Solar Energy Center, goes over the basics of electricity.

Zero Energy Homes - Homes that produce as much energy as they use over the course of a year are called “zero energy homes.”
See what is needed to create them and how you can learn even more about these ultimate green homes.

Solar Hot Water Systems - Would you like to make your home green with solar panels? A Solar Water Heater should be your first choice before you install solar electric panels. See why, and learn how to find a certified solar contractor.

Installing Photovoltaic Systems Course - Interested in how you can learn to design and install Solar Electric Systems? Watch the description of the course on Installing Photovoltaic Systems at the Florida Solar Energy Center.

SOAR Higher Summer Program - 5th through 8th grade students are given the chance to develop their own solutions to today's energy challenges in the SOAR Higher summer program. See what took place and hear from the students themselves.

Home Energy Rating - If you are looking to save money on your utility bills, the best place to start is with a home energy rating. See the steps involved and learn how to become a rater yourself.

Hydrogen Detection "Smart Tape" - "Smart Tape" is a new approach to hydrogen leak detection. Learn about this product that was developed by researchers at the Florida Solar Energy Center.

EnergyWhiz Olympics 2008 - The Energy Whiz Olympics is a large event for students of various grade levels. It includes solar and hydrogen model car races, as well as a full size solar powered energy innovations competition. This exciting event grows every year, see how the day unfolds.

Middle School Science Bowl 2008 - The Regional Middle School Science Bowl is an annual educational event sponsored by the U.S. Dept. of Energy. Learn how the event takes place.

The following videos are provided in multiple sizes to accommodate different connection speeds. QuickTime 7 is required for viewing and can be downloaded for free by clicking on the button below.

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Student Hydrogen Sprint presentations at the 2007 EnergyWhiz Olympics Photo of the High School Science Bowl participants' presentation.



Training Video for Inspection
Solar Water Heating Systems
Mark Thornbloom

Running time: 60 minutes
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Hydrogen Production From
Used Lube Oil Via
Supercritical Water Reformation
Karthikeyan K. Ramasamy

Running time: 6 minutes
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Hydrogen Densification System
Jong Baik
Running time: 8 minutes
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UV Photolytic Decomposition
of Hydrogen Sulfide
to it's Constituent Elements
Clovis Linkous
Running time: 8 minutes
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Junior Solar Sprint
Running time: 12 minutes
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The Pressure's On
Duct Repair
Running time: 16 minutes
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